I am an archaeologist at Stanford University, California—[Link]

This site explores the interests and practices shared by archaeology and photography.

Archaeology—working on what remains.
Photography—arresting presence.

Archaeography—picturing the archaeological imagination.

What is the archaeological imagination? Think of it this way. Archaeologists work on what is left of the past. Archaeology is about connections and relationships — between past and present, between archaeologist and traces and remains.

Photography—an architecture of viewer, viewed, instrument, such that the arrangement may be taken into the future, with the photograph as go-between—a present past

Archaeology comes between and changes things—working on remains to translate, to turn them into something sensible—inventory, account, narrative, explanation, whatever.

Archaeology is a way of acting and thinking—about what is left of the past, about remainders, about material changes and temporal processes like decay to which people and their goods are subject, about the processes of order and entropy, of making, consuming and discarding at the heart of human experience.

We are all archaeologists now.

See my blog —mshanks.com—all things archaeological.
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